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Making an Impact

We believe responsible, ethical, and sustainable business practices include actions which leave positive impacts.


We are committed to adhering to fair labor practices, supporting diversity and inclusion, and fostering well-being in our employees’ work lives. We are BSCI compliant, and in 2022, we launched employee-driven People Resource Groups to create safe spaces for specific identities. As we grow, we continue to build on our foundational values, which outline many practices for personal and professional success at Well Woven. Find out more about work life and benefits at Well Woven.


Our efforts to give back reach beyond the places and people with whom we do business directly, and include actions like volunteering in our local communities, supporting pet funds, and diverting a portion of profits to international charities. In 2022, we donated a percentage of sales toward efforts to increase global access to clean water. You can read our latest update on that project here.


We are on a continuous journey toward increased sustainability and environmental responsibility.
To start, our hybrid work environment, made up of distributed teams around the world, helps limit our carbon footprint. We also offer rugs in a variety of sustainable and minimal-resource materials, such as natural jute and recycled cotton and poly backings. In 2022, we launched Sustainably Well Woven on our B2C site to promote the use of environmentally friendly materials.